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Hello, fellow gun owners! Thank you for joining our community! If you're seeking honest gun reviews, gun-friendly advice, or gun maintenance information, there is only one place you need to look—Gun Carrier. We are made up of firearms experts from all walks of life with decades of experience, and our community exists to bring you timely, relevant updates about the gun industry.

Your Free Gun Owners Handbook Is On Its Way

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Check your inbox to claim this free gift! | Gun Owners Welcome Handbook | gun owners

As a token of appreciation for joining our community, do enjoy our Gun Owners Handbook. This will be your comprehensive guide in keeping your firearms in tip-top condition. It also dishes out helpful tips in gun maintenance and servicing. So make the most of all of this information!

Extra gift: FREE bore light

Use your new bore light along with the information you’ll get in your handbook to keep your firearm in good condition. You can also use the bore light as a tool for inspecting new firearms before purchasing. To claim this extra gift, just pay the shipping and handling, and it is all yours!

Claim Your Free Gun Owners Welcome Handbook Here | Gun Carrier

We hope you enjoy your free gifts! But most of all, we hope that you enjoy our growing community of gun owners and aficionados. We will try our very best to provide the content you need on this journey – from firearm basics and rules, safety tips, to gun recommendations. From time to time too, we will also feature topics like gun control and even unconventional guns.

We’re so happy you have decided to join us on this journey – let’s get back to our roots, one blog at a time!

Jason Mathers
Chief Editor, Gun Carrier


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