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“Don’t Be A Victim” Original GunCarrier Series

Don't Be A Victim - Original Self-Defense Series from


GunCarrier is not just about guns, we're also intensely dedicated to safety. That's why we were so stoked to meet Jeremy Pollack, a self-defense expert who teaches a whole bevy of safety techniques when it comes to how to disarm a gun, how to handle a knife fight, how to increase your response time, and so much more. So we begged, pleased, and prodded him (though not very hard, this guy could break us in half) into doing a whole video series exclusively for GC.

Pollack is committed to helping people discover their own inner warriors and break through the fear-based barriers they've created in their minds.  Each episode of our upcoming “Don't be a Victim” series will teach you self-defense techniques so you can defend yourself in any situation, with anything and everything.  Throughout the series, you'll learn knife defense, how to disarm a gunman, and how to use random items such as a belt or stick to defend yourself.

Take hold of Coach Jeremy's  20+ years as a Martial Arts instructor, and Don't be a Victim!

Episode 1 – Disarming a Gunman

How do you safely disarm someone with a gun? Click below to go to this lesson's video.

Episode 2 – Knife on Knife Defense

How do you safely (or…as safely as possible?) attack and defend yourself in knife combat? Where can you begin learning how to fight with a knife? Click below to go to this lesson's video.


Episode 3 – Defend & Disarm a Gun Held to Your Head

What do you do when someone has a gun pointed at your head? Is there a safe way to disarm them? This video will teach you how to disarm a gunman who has a gun pointed at your head.

Episode 4 – Disarm a Gunman from Behind

What do you do when a robber or other bad guy has a gun to your back? Is there a way to defend yourself in such a vulnerable position? This video will teach you how to disarm a gunman from behind.


Episode 5 – Front and Rear Hostage Attack with a Knife

What do you do when someone tries to take you hostage using a knife as weapon? How do you defend yourself? This video will teach you how to disarm an attacker, whether they're coming at you from the front or from behind.


Episode 6 – Open Hand Defense Against Frontal Knife Attack

How do you defend yourself against a knife attack if you don't have a weapon yourself? It's difficult, but far from impossible. This video will teach you how to fight back against an attacker with your bear hands.

Episode 7 – Rear Hostage Attack with a Handgun

How do you defend yourself when attacked with a handgun from behind? As with all self defense tactics, it requires preparation, quick thinking, and impeccable skill.


Episode 8 – Knife Attack Defense with a Stick

By now you’ve learned how to defend yourself with a weapon. That’s the easy part. But what do you do when your attacker has a weapon but you don’t?

Episode 9 – Open Hand Against Stick Attack

There’s a 25% chance of any self defense failing. Coach Jeremy teaches you the most practical defense that will succeed 75% of the time you are attacked by a person with a blunt object.

Episode 10 – Rear Naked Choke Hold Defense

Have you ever been grabbed from behind? Has someone ever choked you until you almost pass out? It’s called a rear naked choke hold. And you can defend against it.

Episode 11 – Close Quarters Defense – Frontal Attack

Don’t be a victim! You have a split moment to react if someone’s trying to stab you. With proper training, you can defend and control the situation. Learn how.

Episode 12 – Rear Bear Hug Escape

Escaping a bear hug is easier than you think. It requires minimal strength or technique to escape this attack. Simply by having the proper knowledge on what to do during a rear bear hug can save your life.

Episode 13 – Tackle and Overhand Punch Defense From The Spear Position

Common attacks that people encounter during a street fight are overhead punches or try to tackle you down. Learn a simple technique on how to defend against these attacks from the spear position.

Episode 14 – Frontal and Rear Headlock Defense

Always remember to protect the choke when being placed in a headlock. If you cannot breathe you cannot escape.  Learn this simple technique in this video taught by coach Jeremy.

Episode 15 – Stick vs. Stick Frontal Attack

You can use a stick as an effective self-defense weapon, Coach Jeremy will teach you how; using two stick defense techniques. Learn how in this video. Dont be a victim.

Episode 16 – Knife Draw Against a Knife Attack

Episode 17 – Preempted Arm Control Takedown

Take Control of any moment that might escalate to violence. Coach Jeremy will show you how to properly execute an arm control and takedown. Defusing the situation without serous injury. Dont be a victim.

Episode 18 – Preempted Neck and Spine Control Takedown

Defuse an aggressor before things escalate to violence with a technique that coach Jeremy will show you step by step. Learn how. Don’t be a victim.

Episode 19 – Preempted Arm Control to a Takedown

Episode 20: Five Basic Leg Strikes & Defense

Learn the five basic leg strikes that can give you the advantage during an aggressive situation.



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    October 15, 2016 at 10:47 AM

    Self defense should be a goal for everybody more numerous reasons. We are planning on putting some self defense courses on Survival

    • Tanglewood

      October 15, 2016 at 10:49 AM

      I mistyped in my comment.. It should be “for numerous reasons”

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