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Build Your Own Russian-Inspired Alpha AK47 Clone

In the firearms industry, there are so many accessories available for the AR15 that particular rifle has been coined the “Barbie” rifle or the “ego” rifle of the market.  Unlike its counterpart, however, the Alpha AK47 rifle, there are not as many accessories available.  

Slowly but surely a variety of different upgrades have been made available to Alpha AK47 operators but the AR15 operators still continue to have an advantage regarding customization of their rifles.

Recently, members of the Russian Special Operations Teams have been seen showcasing an entirely aesthetically pleasing Alpha AK47 rifle. This rifle has been coined the Alpha AK and most of its upgrades remain a mystery and are kept secret by operators belonging to the Russian government.  

Some information has been shared with the public, especially Americans who appreciate the Russian-founded Alpha AK47 rifle.  A variety of upgrades have been added to the Alpha AK that are already available on the various versions of the AK47.

For example, while some versions of the Alpha AK47 have a side rail mount, like those of Bulgarian and Russian design, others do not yet have other options such as the Chinese designed Norinco MAK 90. Studying the AK market you can now build your own AK Alpha without waiting for the market to provide one for you.

Build Your Own AK Alpha Clone – Russian Inspired Alpha AK4

In order to begin customizing your AK47 to meet the standards of the AK Alpha, you will first need to begin with basic furniture upgrades. Most AK47 versions come with the original wooden stock and handguards. Although wooden furniture retains value, they must be replaced in order to provide the AK operator with the same close quarters maneuverability as the AK Alpha.  

Replace the stock and the handguards with reliable and durable furniture with that such as Magpul. For the Alpha AK47, Magpul Zhukov furniture is particularly dependable for the needs of the AK47 operator.  

Be sure to research what version of the AK47 platform you have so that the furniture you purchase can be added without any problems arising.  Some AK47 platforms cannot accept a wide variety of furniture upgrades because of the different country regulations placed on their own manufacturing designs.  

However, Magpul furniture provides some of the most common furniture upgrades for the most common AK47 platforms. One example of how great Magpul Zhukov furniture is can be seen in the video ‘Magpul Furniture Upgrade Norinco MAK 90 AK47’. Click this video link to see for yourself:

This also includes basic furniture upgrades such as forward pistol grips, forward angled grips, and even folding stocks. Be sure to check in with your local laws as a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) AK47 or AK74 cannot have a forward angled grip but a standard size rifle can.  

Russian AK47/AK74 rifle carries the Soviet slings For Kalashnikov rifle and SKS, Galil, MAK-90
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For an AK47, a forward angled grip is more commonly utilized as this allows the AK operator the same maneuverability as a forward pistol grip without the distance seen with AR15 operators. Forward angled grips also tend to be more aesthetically pleasing than forward pistol grips.  

Crucial AK47 Operator Upgrades

In order to bring your own AK Alpha Clone closer to the Russian inspired Alpha AK47, you must upgrade two crucial components required by AK47 operators. First, the internal trigger assembly will need to be replaced that came stock with the AK47 rifle.  

The stock trigger typically has a longer reset and a greater trigger resistance which can ultimately take away from accuracy due to inconsistencies in trigger pull. A reliable trigger upgrade to add to your AK Alpha Clone is the ALG AKT Defense AK47 Trigger. This trigger is a fraction of the weight needed to squeeze around in comparison from the factory trigger with a ⅛” reset.  

  • OVERALL 13-1/2" X 9" BLADE

This trigger makes for an ideal trigger to simulate rapid firing or for laying down suppressive fire. See a video of the trigger install for yourself here:

The second upgrade crucial to every AK operator is a threaded barrel so that stabilizers and/or suppressors can be mounted.  The AK47, chambered especially in 7.62X39, can have a heavy recoil causing accuracy to become askew if rapid firing more than one round due to muzzle climb.

A threaded barrel with a stabilizer mounted can help to reduce recoil and even slightly increase distance if the stabilizer or suppressor is threaded. A stabilizer and/or suppressor can also help to reduce muzzle flash which will give your position away to the enemy if having to engage firing from a tree line at night.

Here is a great do it yourself video on an AK47 barrel thread in a 14x1LH thread pitch:

Reflex Sights, Optics and Iron Sights

Every Russian inspired AK Alpha Clone must have its original AK iron sights.  It is these iron sights that have helped give the AK47 rifle its reputation.  Upgrades such as optics and reflex sights can be utilized as long as there is a co-witness available alongside the upgraded optics.  

Cool Shiny SPORT LIGHT LLC Russian AK47 rifle carries the Soviet slings black
  • Fits AK47, AK74, SKS, Galil, MAK-90, Saiga, AKS, AKM, Maadi and other AK rifles...
  • Military Issue AK47 Style Heavy Duty Canvas/Leather Rifle Sling
  • Adjustable for length to accommodate any rifle that has sling swivels or shooting positions

For example, if the battery life of a reflex sight begins to diminish than the reflex sight will need to be dismounted in order for the iron sights to be used. This ultimately loses zero within the reflex sight.  As long as the reflex sight can continue to be mounted during the use of iron sights than a co-witness is achieved.   

In order for reflex sights and optics to be mounted to an AK47 platform than a side rail mount will need to be installed, as well as a Picatinny rail or at least a dog leg rail which are made available by ‘Texas Weapons Systems’.  

Ensure that no matter the type of optic, access to the weapons factory iron sights are still available in order to achieve a true Russian inspired AK Alpha Clone. A currently upgraded optic to the AK Alpha is the Hartman MH1 Reflex Sight which features a USB rechargeable reflex sight. Watch a video review of the Hartman MH1 reflex sight here: