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An Alternative To Leaving Your Gun In Your Car Or Truck At Night

bass guitar case with AR-15 insie

Quick question: Do you store a gun in your car? You don’t have to answer, but I’d love to hear if you do or not. If you do, I’d like to encourage you to not actually store a gun in your car, overnight, or otherwise. I get it, sometimes just leaving it in there is much easier, especially if you live in a nosy neighborhood where “guns are bad.” But, what would you do if your gun was ever stolen?

As we’ve discussed in great detail in the past, you need to be in control of your firearms at all time. If you leave it somewhere, even if in your car, you’re not in control of it. When you store the firearms you’re not using, they should be as secure as you can make them (Please note that I said firearms not in use). Even if you have the most advanced car alarm in the world, it’s not secure enough.

There are ways around leaving your gun in a vulnerable position, like in a locked car, truck, or minivan. Plenty of case manufacturers make gun cases designed to not look like a there’s a firearm inside. These are great for going to and from your truck–so you can bring your gun inside with you at the end of the day. There are cases that look like laptop cases, racket cases, guitar cases, etc. Or, you can just get creative and use things that aren’t meant for guns, like this bass guitar case purchased at a music store:

Bass guitar case with AR-15, mag inserted, adjustable stock all the way out, 16″ barrel. There is plenty of room for another 4-6 inches of barrel. 

You don’t even have to buy a new case if you already have something that may work. I know someone (ahem) who used to pack an MP-5 in his laptop case just because he could. It was one of those fancy cases with multiple pockets and the MP-5 fit in one of them perfectly. Strangely enough, that computer case is a lot like the one I own. Huh.

Anyway, there are other folks who pretend to play tennis and use a specially padded case to carry an AK with a folding stock.

AK with a racket case

The point, is that there are ways for you to carry a truck gun (or trunk gun) discreetly, while retaining the ability to bring it in and out of your vehicle when you get back home, or to leave for work in the morning. And, if you don’t care about it being discreet, just carry however you want. It’s just not a good idea to leave it in your car where thieves can take it during your slumber.

But, what about those pesky times when you need to go to the post office or your kid’s school? Well, if you’d be a “law abiding gun owner,” you’d likely leave your gun in the car. Lucky for you, they make gun vaults of all shapes and sizes which are much more secure than just leaving it out in the open.

I’ve had my car broken into in the past. Thankfully, my gun wasn’t in the car, because that’s just not something I need to deal with. But, after the break-in happened, it made me realize a few things. First, locked or not, cars are extremely vulnerable and easily broken into. Second, people suck and are willing to take anything from the loose change in your cup-holder (broke asses), to the GPS stuck to your windshield (lost asses), to the pack of opened gum in the center console (halitosis much?). Finally, I don’t need my gun used to kill, rape, maim, or rob innocent people. It’s meant to stop the bad guys from doing those things

The owner can fit 4 magazines in here.

And that, my friends, is the most important one. Furthermore, thinking about the future for my kids, if my gun was ever stolen it would help to fuel the fire of anti-gun minds across the nation. My gun and I would become a part of a statistic about stolen guns being used to kill, and then, they’d claim that the only way to fix it is by taking guns away because people cannot obviously keep track of them.

What do you do with your gun? Do you leave it in the car? Do you bring it in with you at night? Maybe you need to secure it in a car vault while you work? Am I way off balance? Please let us know in the comments below.